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Before applying, please review the Priority Property Management LLC (PPM) Rental Criteria and Lease Qualifications to verify your requirements and read thoroughly below to make sure you are able to provide all necessary documentation. As explained in the Lease Qualifications (linked above), PPM works to approve strongest qualified application and does not work with a first come first serve approach.


Upon receipt of all application documents and fees, will commence screening the following: (1) Credit Report; (2) Eviction History; (3) Household Income; (4) Previous Landlords and Addresses; and (5) Criminal Background. 



Scans or photos are sufficient for most documents. Please send necessary documentation to or fax to 540-908-3633. To help facilitate and expedite the process, the applicant is recommended they contact previous rental references to verify we will be contacting them. 


Provide/submit all required application documents and fees:

  1. All adult residents (18 & older) are required to fill out their own application or be listed as co-tenant, and provide the necessary documentation listed below. Click on "Apply Online" on your desired listing to get started.
  2. Application fees of $35 per applicant. Fees are non-refundable, and are used to cover the high cost of credit and background screenings.
  3. Copy of last 2 months of pay stubs for any employment considered into household income. If unavailable, other income verification may be accepted, including bank statements, latest tax return, job offer acceptance letter, child support statement, etc.
  4. Copy of Driver's License or other government issued ID with address.
  5. Signed Landlord Reference Request Form (if applicable).
    Applicant signatures ONLY -- DO NOT fill in form.
  6. Recent photo of pet owner with pet(s), if applicable.


Application processing WILL ONLY begin once the application fee has been paid. Expect two (2) full business days for completion of application processing when all documents are received. If we are unable to receive the necessary third party verifications by the end of the 2nd full business day, then we will complete the processing with those as unverifiable.


If PPM approves your application: 

  1. Applicant will be notified and lease documents with instructions are emailed to qualified/approved applicant for review. Applicant may return signed forms by email or fax if desired, but initial funds for deposit are REQUIRED to be returned in physical form.
  2. Due to the high level of competition and interest in our properties, all signed rental agreements and security deposits must be received within 12 business hours from when agent notifies applicant of approval and sends documents for review.


All application documents may be submitted physically or electronically. (After-hours drop slot located on office door). Instructions and contact information as follows:


Direct Online Application Submission

Submit an Online Application directly into our system by clicking on the "Apply Online" link on your chosen listing. You will still need to sign and return the Landlord Reference Form, along with all other requested and required documentation which can be submitted by email, fax, mail, or in person with appointment. 

If having trouble submitting an online application, make sure you have filled in all the required fields (even if they don't apply to you).


Printed Physical Application

Save and print this Application Packet for completion. You can then scan/email the completed documents to, fax the documents to 540.908.3633, return by mail, or deliver the completed documents to our office in person (by appointment is best): 

Priority Property Management LLC 
40 West Washington Street, Suite 101
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

**Drop slot is available for applications and corresponding fees - but reminder, we do not accept cash for any payments.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who all needs to apply?

Each adult (18 years or older) who intends to reside at the property must complete the co-tenant information on the application or submit a separate application.


Do you accept Section 8 or work with housing voucher programs?

At this time, we do not work with housing voucher programs on new leases, including but not limited to Section 8, First Step, Mercy House, Salvation Army, and Immigration - Refugee Programs.


Do you approve on a first come first serve basis?

As explained in the Rental Criteria & Lease Qualifications, PPM works to approve strongest qualified applicant and does not work with a first come first serve approach. We will work quickly and consistently to notify you of approval/denial, but will be working to approve the strongest qualified application.


Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, is a fee of $35 per applicant. All occupants 18 or older who will reside at the home are required to apply.


Do I need to fill out my application completely?

Yes, it is important that you complete the application IN FULL. If you send us an incomplete application, we WILL NOT contact you for the missing information. It is your responsibility to submit a complete and accurate application.


Will you process my application if I don't have all the required documentation?

Please inform us up front if you feel you are unable to provide certain documentation and would still like us to process your application. As already dislcosed, that information will be counted as unverifiable but does not disqualify your application immediately.


Will you run a credit check?

Yes, we will review your credit history during the application process.


Do I have to apply online?

You may submit paper applications and documents at our office location. Our office is located at 40 West Washington Street, Suite 101, Harrisonburg but please call ahead to schedule an appointment as our agents are often out of the office. You also may print out and scan/email or fax documents to PPM, but remember we cannot process an application without an application fee submitted per applicant.


Will you contact me if my application is not accepted?

We will attempt to contact you either way about approval or denial. However, you are welcome to contact us at any time to follow-up on the status of your application. If denied, an adverse action letter will be mailed or emailed detailing steps the applicant can take for further clarifcation.